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the edges should be brought together as promptly as possible, by

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cases of Fish v. Palmer, of Brock v. Kellock (1861), and of Llewellyn v. Gar-

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tion ; and air, which entered the upper lobes pretty

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In the language of a progressive alienist done by them.

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just enough to prevent aggravation of the anaemic condition and main-

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and treatment of any region of the body may be success-

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favour the suggestion of scarlet fever ; on the other hand, a patient with

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tucky, etc. ; also made in nitre-beds. Occurs in odorless, six-sided

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the latter were by no means successfully maintained; we have

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at introduction of gauze into the cavity. The author has origi-

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therapy that could be given under supervised conditions.

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inoperable sarcoma in which the diagnosis was confirmed by

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wooden handle at the other. The knob being heated red hot, is

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for the best reports of this professor's clinical lectures; and the Van

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hydatique de I'extremite inf6rieure du fenuir. Bull. Soc.

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He emigrated to this country for political reasons in 1851, after

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forms of disorder. It is not by setting up opposition standards

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than is generally the case in ordinary ulcerative colitis and

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stetrics. Edited by Reuben Peterson, A. B., M. D,, and Henry

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intervention, are misleading. However, as a rule, injuries

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Discussion. There is still an added interest to this case: the

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the importance of always asking " What else" in the examination of pa-

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it is necessary that careful studies be made of each of these species, that

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the only one who has deemed it worthy of mention. This is the alco-

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shell. This also reveals to us the condition of the mu-

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self in bed. I looked upon her condition as entirely hopeless, but

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4. Glycerin and Antiseptics. Helen Pixell Goodrich.

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