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persons who owed no allegiance to either guild from encroaching

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ours. You perceive gi'eat blanks in our knowledge. Would you

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end of that first year. My life gradually improved and I

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Public Health Bill coming on that night, and, if not, for what

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spite of the acute pliysical and mental suffering, Di

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fair a trial as possible of strychnin and arsenic, using smaller doses

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marked irritability of the urinary organs existed from

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ysms, together with the laws of their recurrence, and the condition of

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am in the habit of frequently re-adjusting the dressings,

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of the properties and uses of Indian drugs has been

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that any means they can employ by which such governments may be

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Predominant Structural Involvement. The first patient of

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observes, whatever form it may assume. He describes a number

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er's standpoint, except that its pages are too closely

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that of the Marjoram. The flowers are of a reddish-blue color

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The patient made a rapid and uneventful recovery, with very little con-

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head cases. The results given by the author were obtained

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that the swallowing and inhaling of this tuberculous dust was an essential factor in

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desire to practice a specialty which exami- elegantly planned. Us whitened walls

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parts will contain 0.064 part of N as NH3 — usually expressed as 0.064

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toba at any rate, will each continue to have an examining

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14. Heat J lb of common salt, and quench it in a quart of good

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destitute of all which would shadow out its future being. And

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passed to the outer end to confine them A small piece of wood

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a prominent position in any plan which may be decided on.

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disease and foot and mouth disease in his shed when all his

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the copper solution, placed side by side in a similar position. Both the fluids

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time. The left leg now drags, and he cannot walk (with his stick)

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relief by "cerebral decompression", and a large number of cases was

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a little above this impression, there was a strongly ecchymosed mark, which could

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a day or two before. In future epidemics one may be sure that observers

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five years of age and at about this time began to deteriorate mentally; is restless and

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