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amongst the inhabitants, and in order to ascertain the extent

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stood how easily mistakes in (iiaij;nosis may occur, or liow

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to be attributed to geographical and not to inherited causes,

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intratracheal injections, by inhalation with steam, or in an atom-

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muscles from division of their nerve supply were im-

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house of Bellevue Hospital, it is noticed that, excepting

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Feb. 20, 1897 ; "^" Journ. des Praticiens," quoted in " New York Med.

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and a twelfth of a grain of acetate of morphia, to be taken each

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kinds of cases, complicated as they so often were with hydro-

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each other, and correspond so nearly in respect to their origin and pro-

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time. Sir Astley Cooper has related the case of a gentleman who was thrown

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we venture to adduce another, also drawnby no feeble hand, from

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were considered in this country as identical. Under those

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It is also found in the spinal and ventricular fluids. It has not been

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function of developing nucleated red cells, and contains mitotic

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Dr. N. A. Powell presented the report of the Committee on

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the progressive loss by drainage of the water of the blood, rendering it

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nysteria as tne product of an indispensable predisposition to emotion on the

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5. Acetylene has no bactericidal action upon patho-

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tumor have been observed. The result of palliative operation

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evacuating the contents and syringing with (lermangan-

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coiivulsions occur. It is therefore of practical value as indicating the

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in the uncomplicated form of that disease. That a the supposed remedy. Cases at pages 80 and 82 are

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reported in pregnancy produced by such enlargement. "The optic chiasma

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in Bellevue Hospital, that (juite a large number of cases

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far as we know, there is no remedial agent which can in any

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&c, were applied ; the surface of the wound seems granulating

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ucts of decomposition or fermentation of the intestinal

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