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bility is in doubt, and at most not common; next, that all infants are

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is present. The history is of considerable importance, as confirming the* more

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an eleven-bed special psychiatric section for disturbed

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left lung. An X-ray photograph was taken with difficulty owing to the

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concession — that woman's intellect was nearly as capable as our

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articular cartilage, leading to the lipping or nodulation common in later stages. In

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tial closure of the lumen, or of entirely severing the tube at

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After two other exposures to the action of the chemical

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appears as the orginator of an entirely new theory of uterine

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69; 145; 207; 4.50; 588. — Fenwick (K. N.) The use of

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care must be observed to see that the exercise permitted

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a wedge. They are less dangerous than the Najas, as their fangs are

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either simulation or exaggeration. Most of the persons of this class are in-

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Your committee further notes that the American Medi-

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disease of the muscles. This di£ference arose from the fact that^ on

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There is another fallacy, that very cold water is bad

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some transient central alteration produced a disturbance of the chylo-poietic

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Ear cough is a recognized reflex. This can be demon-

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ing — using antiseptic lotions for the vestibule and vagina

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bladder had gall-stones. Siegert states that in ninety-five per cent of all

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he had touched the lal.\ throughout a great deal of its extent,

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opinion had he not nn^]yz<dd the contents of the stomach."

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denum. The stimulus of a certain food and the resulting secre-

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buildings, and the same protection assured against the deten-

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at correct results, other methods besides the stethoscope must be employed,

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olive-oil should always be given and the use of bismuth is

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" It certainly contains more of that kind of information an

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subject), he commences his treatise with these words :

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strongly confirms this view. If tubercle-bacilli are

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this operation fiiould be performed xvithout the limits of cities,

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