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the uterus to empty itself was so little related to the true
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any arbitrary whisper limitation upon the reactions in deter-
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''Feather beds and pillows, hair pillows and mattresses, and flannels
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suppuration around the seat of injection, and, in a few cases, metastatic abscesses.
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latterly they had embedded themselves more deeply in
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most of the Northwestern States are free from mortality so
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simply coagulated blood. The posterior part of the tumour was
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will be delivered by Prof. Roberts Bartholow, of Phila-
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found looking dead and black, and was very much swollen.
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dose of ammonia occasions tetanic convulsions in animals,
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mined to follow the plan recommended by Dr. Merrill. Chloroform was
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York, said that the object of his address was to re\'iew
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totally inadequate to prevent or control infection or suppuration in these
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ment. There are in the United States no less than 1776
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atrophic muscular paresis, change in the electrical reactions, and
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Twelve cases of enteric fever were admitted to hospital, 4 were
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extent, with intracavernous pharmacotherapy by eliminating
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The one great advantage of the compressed-air machine
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good living in Paris, charging a louis for his first visit, and half a
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Ann. Ophth . St. Louis, 1897, vi, 213-215.— Panas. Be-
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ternship as a part of one’s medical education prior
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tions.* In the normal condition sensibility renders us an account of the
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or larded meats, whence our word "larder." Although
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that the extent and severity of the inflammations are in
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ratiire had been taken before admission, and was found to range from 100°
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panitic note could be elicited in front of the abdomen. On remov
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and of which the same use might be made. In the first case, the
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then he had seen at least twenty. He would not set his own
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from a scruple to a drachm, three or four times daily, sometimes in combina-
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297.— Waiil (E.) Zur Keuntniss der Warnieregnlirung
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The principal epidemics outside of Asia have been in Glasgow, Hono-
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Peel, core, and halve some large apples, trimming them so
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lobe of the right lung, into the pleura (causing an empyema), into the vena
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resulting medical care. The last report on this pro-

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