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ment for diphtheria, the discovery of the bacillus of tuberculosis

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but its contents vary considerably ; for it begins with upwards of

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chill, followed by free respiration and slight vomiting.

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diphtheria two symptoms d(>serve sjjecial attention — dyspnea and

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as, unless cultures are taken, it affords no "People of the Night," a paper that will

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Molinieri and her three children (all girls) came under his notice

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eral condition of the patient, the better was the effect

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chest in case of great pleuritic pain, were some of the agents

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lesions of the disease — the nodules on the skin and mucous membranes,

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Acute Bright's disease is seen most often in children,

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in women, can be excluded, the rectal mucus and the urine should be examined

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copious, fetid, sweetish tasting, occasionally blood-streaked sputum; (3)

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which the zona is to be regarded as a "secondary symptom?"

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1 did this once subcutaneously, and ligated the femoral

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One form, which we do not know to be syphilitic, is

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from a similat sickness, the nature of which had never

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w Abbot, " Ciu. Lan. and Obsv.," July, 1862, p. 447 ; Aran, " Bull,

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amount of fat. After dividing the transversalis fascia and the

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loaded with albumin and phosphates and grave uremic symp-

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is noticed. We had good results in some and neutral

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without affection of the joints. These are believed by com-

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that we are not reminded of the excessive infant mortality, due

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profession by ascribing to fictitious medicos utterly

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brane, which in time sloughs, and results in loss of tis-

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at one point of junction, and was easily unrolled for its whole length ;

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Gefahien fiir den hehandelnden Arzt. Prakt. Arzf, Wetz-

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peritonitis, the average age being twenty-eight years. Almost every

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The author considers the very general belief in the frequency

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water, etc. N. Y'ork 51. J., 1807, Ixv, '764. 42so, Reprint.


Eoyal Institution, 3 p.m. ri*of. Tyndall, "On Heat and Ijght."

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candidates, and we see no corresponding disadvantage in this

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to the mother comes the wet nurse, and the next is artificial

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4. The last and most important group are the positive reaction

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were not very vascular. There was a little serum in the pericardium. The

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with much difS.culty, from the decided and unyielding

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