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in a very little 0.1 per cent, sodium carbonate solution, and transferred

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tion arising from the debility of ill-health, yellow fever

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auto-erotic phenomenon described, another instance of that attitude

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think that, when the food is sufficient for the requirements of the system,

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165. Sweetbread (Lamb's) — Ingredients — Sweetbreads, a ladleful

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the prognosis is somewhat favourable ; but under other conditions it is

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passive movements, or else a combination of these, and, fi-

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At Prof. Fieber's course the same hurried method is

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perature, while in others the prostration has been extreme

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you deem it possible to obtain subscribers to the Congress.

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Tay, and Lassar. The only case rejiorted in America, so far as I

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The operative removal in this case was conducted by means of an elastic liga-

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frequency than syphilis. Perirectal abscess, secondary to proctitis,

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ticular form of treatment, that I have referred to it

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unilateral or bilateral character may be determined with a fair degree

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(7) In meningeal haemorrhage, where the intersheath

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the latter there was some induration of the tissues,

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ing to produce one effect. These may be, and commonly have been,

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it was found that she showed a partial atrophy of the optic nerves,

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pain has been severe for two or three days, and once or twice it has run down

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space from the pharynx by elevating its palate. Thus the

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were due to changes in the central nervous system, and

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otomy was proposed. From the suddenness of onset of

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donna, the best and speediest benefits may be obtained thereby.

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297.— Waiil (E.) Zur Keuntniss der Warnieregnlirung

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obscure pancreatic disease accompanied by fat necrosis. With the urine

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ysm ; at the monthly period in females, when we find weight, or vio-

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necropsy a nephritis and cystitis were found. The heart muscle showed

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