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distorted remarks, but as a statement of actual facts. They

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and I possess no information with regard to the proceedings so taken.

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head, it seems to me highly desirable that some such procedure as this

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general debihiy, and delirium. The earliest mental symptom is a

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also on irritability, with a certain quantity of which, in the

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The author states that " the following remarks are the out-

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then put forward by France and adopted by the Congress

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towns from which we learn of most cases, though half-a-dozen seemed

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contracted the disease, although she v;as thought to be protected by a.

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The following have pissed in Botany, Physics, and Chemistry :

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formulated by the author. He had seen Mr. McGill's prepara-

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will begin before the following week. The business of the

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regards the shedding out of the fibrin ferment which accom-

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the Bill will remain with the Committee on Public Health in

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words, "There is reason to believe that attacks of so-called

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experiments had shown us that lecithin is not the active sub-

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meeting the excessive and increasing presence of smoke in

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of research, it cannot go very deeply into the matter, and,

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Brown, London ; Mr. Q. Binswanger, London ; Dr. C. Beale, London

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inquired into the subject of children's life insurance, and

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tions or infiltration, though cases of this class were sub-

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June L*"th. I>'.il. An incision was made over the centre of the tumour, as

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changes are arrested. Various parts, especially the extremi-

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was enormous, and almost all the population, young and old,

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has the power of reducing silver from a weak alkaline solution

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in summary in Table I, which shows that 123, or 59 per cent.,

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term " psorosperm " in the samesense as Cobbold, Malassez,

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raiiijg any electricity. To generate eleclricity as supposed couneoiions

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nature of the disorder. He drew attention to the relatively

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reflex, though at times present, is generally absent. The

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tween onset and death in fatal cases, and also by an increased

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with many others, and which therefore could not be con-

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of the service must be improved so as to entice good men— a sentiment,

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dicales," published in the Archives de Medeci?7c Nattale et

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