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of nature's means will restore the apparently departed life. The

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from Australia, where her husband died, leaving her destitute,

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sent a short paper based upon a case in my own practice

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continue for years without materially interfering with their capacity fer

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Mumps common among natives of India from the hill dis-

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an instant, until the physician arrives, so as to glue up the wound by the coagula-

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The third group finally includes those cases in which a

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cure. Whereoperationisinadvisablethe disease may sometimes

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increased that the hair and cutaneous sur£EU^ especially that of their

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* A remarkable case of the kind obtained some notoriety about thirty years ago by

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are, however, it must be said, infrequent. Ordinarily, the

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this record in one hundred and ninety-two cases by re-

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From the tables of Cohn, thirty per cent, of the diseases

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the serous covering of the intestine out ; from the

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replenished from the reserve supplies of the nearest ambulance com-

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interpositum were excessively distended. In the theca vertebralis a large quantity of dark,

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FuHscll (M. H.) Specimens from a case of typhoid fever,

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fingers, while pushing up the forehead with the ball

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appears to improve this condition. If the bronchitis

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of the community rises to a plane which it now does not know. The finan-

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of 15 to 20 years of age, and are generally found in asylums, owing to the

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diagnosis. As a general rule, the information given by the patient

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water, etc. N. Y'ork 51. J., 1807, Ixv, '764. 42so, Reprint.

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ior flap by a downwards semilunar cut, commencing from the most prominent

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electricity. In this case hemorrhage occurred from the

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a snare. With each attempt it had slipped out of his reach.

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tions. In the more recent editions, edited by Huppert and Thomas, this plate is no

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Ist L., Illo-femoral abscess, reflexes exaggerated, no paralysis of

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