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favom'able opinion he expressed in our own pages some years ago
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where the satisfaction of the sexual instinct is im-
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enabled the authors to distinguish between two varieties of bacilli found
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The jaundice of cholelithiasis is mechanical or obstructive and may
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but the cerebellum is most rarely involved. When a hemorrhage is
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8. Normal salt solution is indispensible in the treatment of alarming hemor-
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down on its side, and every intervening stage is seen in a process
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ture of the brain by tearing apart hardened specimens. Burdach
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lished the results of his experiments in The Jodbnal
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ment of abdominal surgery, work confined to a limited
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Malignant Tertian Malaria. — While benign malarial infections are
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taxed. According to Oertel, no system is more valuable at times in pro-
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extension along the lining membrane of the Eustachian tube.
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York, were invited to take part in the proceedings of the
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gallstones into the intestine. Internal treatment during
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layer of peritoneal epithelial cells is lost on the right or posterior surface by
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fact that their opportunity for service to the coun-
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to Ward 6, Bellevue Hospital, who, besides having two
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take short steps whilst walking. 2d. The stiffness arises from
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Benin campaign on the west coast of Africa, where much remittent fever
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Ing authority in all matters pertaining to diseases of M<-.<l. GnzMe, Jan. 2S, 1871.
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If it becomes manifest from a future study of this agent that it
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moment of falling asleep or on awaking. When the alcoholic subject
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literature on the subject, which has mainly been written by
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hospital, under the care of Mr. Marcus Beck, on account of a
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Pericardial Effusion* — Samuel West, in the Medical Section

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