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ought not to weigh a moment as against the dangers of the
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DEMAN, of Milwaukee, Wis. He reported a case of a small,
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respective causes the various symptoms met with in connection with any
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a " long mercurial course " he got his feet wet, and numbness
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should reach nearly to the middle of the nail of the me-
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The author very correctly remarks in his preface : " Although
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For Portrait see Collection of Portr. (Libr.). Pro-
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delegates present from Portsmouth, Manchester, Dover,
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cation of the bacilli on the heart valve as to produce a genuine septi-
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Review Committee pending legislative consideration of
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The following prescriptions contain five grain doses of the salicylates.
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attitude of attack or resistance ; the members mayrebm ma ngid s a,, that
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probable that the intestinal follicles are caseously degenerated, and
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she had a sallow complexion, and the tongue had that peculiar sickly ap-
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quite in a normal condition, the animal having been seen to
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The idea of making health officers oixt of nonmedical men has gained
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81-8 per cent., and its dry matter at 82 per cent. Later work
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associated laboratory, research, and clinical facilities at the cost of $3,000,-
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diarrhoea, after the first three to six doses it may be given every three
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list having the relative rank of commodore, is the Sur-
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professorship at Netley and is succeeded by Major Krith.
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none of its energy. In 1853 yellow fever appeared simultaneously on both sides
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I have made these remarks, not with a view to offer a final
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It is SQarcely possible to present a remedy for the eril, if
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applicable (as it often is applied in practice) to mere symptoms or second-
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tion of its texture, and in the nerves with production of anajs-
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dropsy. A short time since he had an attack of gout ; but he now complained
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forceps, catching up with the side of the forceps at least half an
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the colon. He complained of tenderness and pain throughout
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excision. If the disease was extensive enough to lead them to
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