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ficially fed, 1*2 (ei^ht, jjfeneral diet; two, cow's milk; two, condensed milk); no
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the skin, however, the natural conditions were changed. In
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Hur,KE. — An abstract of this paper, tog-ether with some remarks made on the
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extractions, etc., I believe it is bound to come into general use, and
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It is by the use of this principle of reassociation and substitution,
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its attendant miseries, seems necessary to the result. Interruptions to
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oxysm, if the strictured diaphragm can not be overcome by
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serum obtained from the Massachusetts Board of Health. Ihe
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leukocytes in a fluid are killed reduction of the methyl-
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has already been pointed out as thrombosis or embolism of the
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more especially particular parts ; thus, the herpes furui'-aceu ge-
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Par., 1863, ii, 420-429.— Hternandez-Briz (B.) Trata-
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tussis component of DTP since episodes characterized by
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tirely of blood. During the night there was considerable vomiting of blood. I
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ing these subjects, we find that they finally die from
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ticking clock held close to the left ear, was not heard ; the
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1 . *' That it provides ample means for securing a eoimd preliminary and
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third ca5C, wliorc the ball entered immediately below the malar
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They have been fouud in the human vagiua, bladder, aud intestine.
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far as possible. In the enumeration of the population those
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does not have practical application and has not with-
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aged fifteen, with general malaise, headache and vomiting, pyrexia and diffi-
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or Dried. In 10 c.c. phials, or in tubes containing
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nicotine, about T^h being required to kill the animal as
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