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may give rise to a clinical picture which resembles that of cancer of
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by Gratiolet. There is a natural language by which the internal condition
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tion of the renal capillaries from crowding together of the blood-cor-
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(h) Under recommendation of board, use lay expressions.
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ascribed to imperfect vital energy, a lower degree of the energy of life that
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but conflicting, dubious, speculative investigations of some
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animale. Bull, et m6in. Soc. Sn\v,i^. d'opht., Par., 1884, ii,
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as acids of any kind, have a primary stimulating effect, but in larger
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not find it there. He satisfied himself and Dr. Mott that they were not
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It will be seen by table, that of those who died only
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posure to which it necessarily subjects them, that is the exciting cause of
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hepatic was two degrees higher than that of the portal, owing, he suggested, to
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Salkowski's Method for Determining the Alkalinity of the
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fore menstruation, it seemed to avert the attack. He
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senile atrophy, malignant diseases, tumors of other kinds, including
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•demic that is, which appear under particular electric, and other condi-
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early inflammatory stage, where ardor urinae and chordee are the most
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condition. Med. Reg., Phila.. 1887, ii, 371-374. Also:
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prognosis is better than in mitral regurgitation, although in
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without the participation of her will, and without her being conscious of the
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to run in families is very strongly marked, and the correlation between
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is to be considered a very important point, to insure that the perforation
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an example. The intestines may be tied down, and so prevented
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grin 443, has already been considered and it is evident that his case
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conditions and descent in their favour, but living on poorer
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ing pus with acid urine, and with a mass in the right loin
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it will be necessary to give Opium or Bromide of Potash, or Hydrate
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days. The action does not seem to last long, as the sugar gradually
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of the whole number under treatment. Leucorrhcea occurs in
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The milk of cows affected with gastro-enteritis is of an abnormal
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