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colour, with here and there extravasations of blood in its substance. The affected

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312 Contributions to the Study of some Thoracic Diseases.

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in five cases, in one of which there was recent pulmonic infiltration,

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three years. Prior to the first nephrorrhaphy, which he

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referred to a group of symptoms which had nothing in

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successful. In one instance the pneumococcus, and in

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very pronounced, and the consequent scratching produces thickening of the

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were obtained in 210. Three cases of tubercular pericarditis which

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people who have never been vaccinated, and during this epi-

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ject are those of Dr. A. Fage, interne of Badal's Clinic,

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parturient woman. They are also contra-indicated under the

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a relative valvular insufficiency. The manoeuvre which we have exe-

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from the fractured extremity up to the cancellated struc-

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pushes out into the trackless sea, let us, guided by the experience

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In a sc-ies of about 1 ^o uounds which the authors inve,t.,Mted m

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Contrast the present situation with the probable re-

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Stramonium thus used, sometimes fails altogether: sometimes

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heard me express my views on this subject in my Lectures on

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A Good Thing to Cultivate. — ^The art of thinking,

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cluding the first two books of Euclid ; (d) Latin, including Translation and Gram-

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Pathology. — In general this is similar to that of Asiatic opisthorchiasis,

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