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■dilection for the seaside is an especial characteristic of the Londoner,

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Archiatri, whom it confirmed and regulated : — Qui scientes annonaria

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the Indian Medical College, Cincinnati, on the Mortality in the Lying-

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measures, to be carried into effect by authorities independent of the

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medical work in the metropolis and in foreign theatres of research,

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and there was considerable effusion into the knee-joint. Tlie face was

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candidate for qualifications to practise the medical profession to show

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lection is rapidly increasing. There are the preparations and photo-

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from the scarlet aniline dye? I purchased some stockings which contained a mix-

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to be continued every few hours ; ice, soda-water, brandy, etc. ; hydro-

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Mr. Barker's resignation, is to be held on the 3rd November. Dr.

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pyemia before the suppuration is set up, so that the suppuration about

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obvious that, to pass through Parliament, such a measure must com-

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with them at present. Our right to elect a representative exists in the

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James Perrigo (WcGill, Montreal) ; J. A. Hendr>- (Liverpool) ; A. J. Johnson

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Truell, of Clonmannon, High Sheriff for the County Wicklow for the

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see more military surgeons and fewer titles on our committee. What

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his subordinates, destroys it ; but the surgeon's campaign ceases only

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Crowfoot.— On October 31st, at Beccles, aged 64, Ellen, wife of •William E.

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remark that drink was not on tlie increase. Pie could only say that

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made known, as wounded men almost immediately began to arrive.

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Surgeon to the Hospital ; and the chair of Botany has been filled by the

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The Pathological Society opens on Saturday. On the same evening,

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Hospital. He had treated the patient with alkalies, iodide of potassium,

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account is to be taken of the position of those under charge save to

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ture, which he called the "cylinder finish", and which he described as

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doubtful aspect. I may also admit that there may have been some

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suppressed functions. 2. This hypersecretion indicates a want of

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hosijitably received at luncheon by Drs. Wilson and Fenwick.

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of the Church. Those who were strong reformers might still drink to

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metrorrhcea, being used at first of the strength of 5j to Jj water, then

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to the strongly expressed opinion of Miss Nightingale that small- pox

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quit him of all intention to mislead the Commission ; but I am per-

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frequently acquires a griping quality," what would be the effect of in-

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accommodation, by bad drainage, and by (for this winter) the circuitous

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the encroachments of unauthorised quacks. This, too, had long been

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