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aorta, there was a pinkish mass of rather soft elastic tissue
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you, would have been safe. Refrain from depletion or withhold
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in Parturition as measured in pounds." Dr. Heath detailed
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But if the tumour be too hard to admit of this, the vapour of hot water should
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and attenuation of its walls. The muscular structure of the
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did bring up approximately a pint of blood. In addition a
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the alkalinity of the blood was also lessened. He sup-
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receive an adequate return in meeting the needs of the
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ebriositatis, is a very common disease in this country. It
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" The use of grain grown on uncultivated land," say our
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rlass of pneumonia patients treated in the city hospitals there is
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50,000 units of staphylococcus antitoxin were given in-
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Circumstances beyond my control prevented me from attending
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Dr. Greenhalgh showed a new form of uterine tent made from the hollow
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of many of them. And you all know these star robbers who visit your
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pital ; they gave him there two ointments, the last being
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in the neighborhood began to suffer from cholera. The
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Dropsy. — It is customary to consider dropsy in scarlatina as being
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to malarial poisoning, syphilis, chronic peritonitis, chronic phosphorous poi-
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allowed to die either for want of the proper diagnosis
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ular Nephritis. — Recognizing the extremely high mortality in human
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in Hawaii was the employment of Dr. Aruing in 1882,
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Practically it may be stated that an animal suffering chronically
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through disorganization of these collections of blood.
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The same can be said of amyloid degeneration. For our
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The amount of heat, to correspond with Crawford's ratio of spe-
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chitis and lobular pneumonitis are developed in a considerable number, often
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were contined to the inferior animals. At lirst Dr. Ilarwood
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attempts in this direction have been reported. I have seen one case in
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Board certified; American Board certified; seeking single
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These fairly distinct types tend to run into one another and in such cases we have
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sential in the science and practice of medicine. The

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