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Dilatation of the superficial veins may also be noted, and

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a husband being from the visitation of God unable to manage his affairs did

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May I thank you all for the compliment you have paid me in

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pose to describe, first the outdoor and indoor medical

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tions. In the more recent editions, edited by Huppert and Thomas, this plate is no

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learned and self-sacrificing profession to which we be-

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circulation in the uveal tissues, producing a sluggishness of

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hospitals and it will be found that they reveal a sad condition

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is this latter instrument which Mr. Matthews has adapted to

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hesive ingredients compressed into large blocks. Strictly

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but there are many exceptions, and one often sees a badly-

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place to Rudolph Virchow. We are indebted to him for ex-

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(A. J.) The yellow fever commission ; speech in the

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vapors at 1 70° F. without the slightest discomfort.

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oil coothing and cooling the skin, the acid deodorising

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Br. Richardson met the committee of the Society by appoint-

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as containing the emanations of the holy one, at so

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keep the broad banner of relorni unfurled, and whilst those who are

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recoramended, we wish to draw attention to the fact that these

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"desensitize" the skin by pressure-anaemia, and to "sensitize"

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member of our profession. We should be more concerned at

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been fatal cases of acute mania, during or following closely upon the

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contains 125 females, presenting inflammatory ulceration of the cervix, and

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action was observed, such as a silvery fur on the tongue, or

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The view that the neuroglia fibers are completely dissociated from the

can you take phenergan when your pregnant

could certainly not cause any inconvenience. The size

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•winds blowing from those directions. At the same time, owing to the posi-

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and in agitation by carrying it in his watch pocket while on professional

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consideration of our municipal authorities, on account of its practical

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