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man suffering from pneumonia, a child with diphtheria, a woman
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sized, for if the growth be wo^-malignant, the probability of
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cases in the apoplectic coma, in the convulsions, or in the acute delirium
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You want to know how to start a whole race of people wrong ... the great god of the Kelts name was LUG."
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several times until slight tetanic symptoms appeared.'
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When Great Britain and France freed their slaves, they paid their
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words, but they were not intelligible, and she would appear
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more nearly like the rapid improvement claimed by Carosso would have
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1 : 6.75 ; hence the relative frequency of these cysts is 1.66
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The diagnosis of fracture nonunion is based on a combi-
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attaching the sutures to the front teeth instead of the palatal muco-periosteum,
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rials of an aeriform nature for the analysis of the scientific investigator.
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gave the patient temporary relief, but also added a portion to
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distribution of blood and the quickening of tissue metamorphosis
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from the information obtained from such authorities,
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mens, and all of them have been absent under the most aggravated
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treatment, and I requested the doctor to send me specimens
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ous ideas regarding the proper degree of cleanliness, and
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the villus is proved by the circumstance that the vessels may
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Icindly requested to register their special qualiflcations at the War Ofl9ce. Letters of
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present disease, on being shaved by his barber, he no-
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ing or fixed scientific procedure. In every case there
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itself until recently. A widow, fifty years of age, had applied at his dispen-
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hitherto employed are lengthy, laborious, and costly.
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It may happen that the appearances in the uterus are sufficient to create a
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were also atroi^hied, but the i:)osterior roots were all normal. There
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it can escape through an aperture in the lower pole of the ovum during
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"We should next inquire into the probable connections of the hydro-
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soluble salt. This orthoform hydrochlorate is not suitable, how-
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furunculosis, and infected wounds, and in over 25 per cent, of
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and microscopic specimens ; and medico-chemical tests, which

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