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M.D. The patient died of granular degeneration of the kidneys, after having
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of inflammation. The supposition that certain remedies diminish the
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been for ten years the district physician of a part of Iceland
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The first step in this process was the identification and
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diagnostic certainty, disagreement over the clinical im-
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ally, the patient lias little if any pain, while the motor paralysis may be
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most required, or were needlessly difficult of access. Contrasted
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Not only did rabies not develop, but the epileptic seizures
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tion that the eruption is wanting. It is even stated that such
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plain the differences oi vascular action which causes these dis-
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The Minneapolis Children’s Heart Clinic moved to a
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proportion as that which our predecessors saw. The mortality in
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and Menorrhagia, with special reference to the occurrence of
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by absorption being the only mode completely exempt from,
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first, it would be necessary, if one pair of tubes were
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nation of meningitis and myelitis. The inflammatory disturbance
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and also by studying the question upon puppies. The hookworm larva
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ther, immediate reconstruction offers the best chance for
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Ebratdm. — In Dr. T. M. Rooke's letter in last week's Journal, the
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mittent pain, tenderness, and some enlargement, with slight
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strength or mental ability, of enormous sexual power, etc.) ; or (3,)
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ideal requirements of a syringe for anterior nasal medication
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illegal for any person, whether a medical man or not, to take charge
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those who had any sense of shame to suspend their blankets
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water should not be neglected when appropriate. If the
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thalmus. Facial Paralysis, Mastoiditis. J. A. Stocky.
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Deherain believes that the pupillary inequality is due to the pressure
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itself. It was, in fact, due to the same cause as the lat^
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that spirochetes are really protozoa— e.g., Doflem, Mmchm, Sambon,
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that he advocated more nxoderate bleedings, reports 37 deaths ii^ 232 cases occurring in

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