Promethazine Syrup Uses

at that time were of so grave a character that local

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In Mexico the following winter was distinctively worse, and in a

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It is advisable to auscultate during normal, and then during exagger-

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ary coui'se and th(» diploma conferred ujxm the completion of the

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March, 1902, at which time he had lost nearly 50 pounds in

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The diet during the period of fever should be milk, bread, and light soups.

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of such disagreement a third physician should, if practicable, be called in.

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An attempt is made to evaluate electric shock therapy on

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cachectic states of the body and after confinement.

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missions or intermissions which belong to the latter affection, by the

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(38. "1375) — the extremes being the greatest possible

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most simple fevers, by bleedmg, become nervous and putrid fevers, of

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tion in the usual manner. Corrosive sublimate solution,

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differs very largely in different diseases. In some general affections, as

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discharge. It was found that the duration of sickness benefit

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the patient is . In the position I mentioned I can,

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The latter, however, has been found in the inflamed mucous surfaces met with

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regarded as typical, and that the secretory tubules of the ceruminous glands

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The reporters seem to be almost united in regard to the specific cha-

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capacity of the former. The chamber contains a glass bead in the interior. A

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chemical) of cholera cases ; (2) chemical examination of

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not be detected, but that the female part of the organism had devel-

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is called "relief" betting or "escape" betting, to find relief from

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used as food. Mezereon bark in its recent state also blisters the skin, but by

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disease in our hospitals and insanity in our asylums. The

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patient room, represented not the reaction of a stomach to

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but such transmission must be very rare. While it is true that the germs

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