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pulse — Pleuritis on left side — Recovery in nine days . 679

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when no other operation could be done with advantage (Euster-

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adhesive peritonitis without or with pus? Are there signs of a beginning

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possible. The rarer form of circumscribed abscess certainty is not

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close clinical observation and a careful study of the history of each

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tion of the heart both inspiration and ex})iration are consider-

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be said of the ukerative endocarditis, during which, as during septicaemia

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materially affected by high temperature, but considers that an epidemic

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bled to carry on through the influence of its food-supply

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not with your fingers. A fork comes into play again when

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still kept secluded and quiet, and two enthusiastic students took up the

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the physician, who recognizes the nephritis as the cause of these bleedings.

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cases are occasionally seen without any limitation of the field

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fered severely from epidemics in the past and was known

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bility to atmospheric changes, digestive irregularities, summer

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pathogenic forms ; nor is there much prospect of such

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slow pidse, the beats falling at times as low as eleven per

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caused abscesses in other organs than the kidney. When, however, he

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swelling is more puffy, and the pus never contains oil globules.

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while the mother was standing, the umbihcal cord was torn across,

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be given than has been done in most of those hitherto recorded. More facta

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should be pure in order for it to perform its appro-

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had received an injury to the head a year before, and since then had

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