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the bleeding point tampon should be resorted to. Active interference

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Diagnosis. — By the ordinary clinical tests it is impossible to estimate

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with water and glucose, and poisoned by the addition

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musculo-spiral nerve ; but there was no paralysis. It was not

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fiaeces, has produced almost immediate relief in the idiopathic form. One of the most

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the swollen intestines forming irregular projections. The left inguinal region

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sentatives of the State. Human life is too valuable to permit the present

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blade forceps. They have a peculiar advantage in these cases

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i. A Method of Anesthetizing Soldiers. W. J. McCardie.

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well as natural transmission of horse-pox to men (shoeing-smiths


necessary in these investigations to guard against various

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down so as to remove a considerable portion of the left

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that ner.rly if not quite all the pernicious fevers are derived from this

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mination of this case — the hard, brawny neck giving place to its

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found, such as strictures, is often evidenced by subjective symptoms, as well as

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fever as an attenuated pyaemia, until several specifically different

quibron liquid taste

the tonsils were very thickly studded with these masses. If removed

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sudden flow of .h. ll,uor ™ni::"^;:.'„ch'^;r;.en';fvetowi':Ln:

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observation showed in each instance fair reasons for the varia-

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food, though most of the constant pain was probably due to

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