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women ; and in the white than in the colored races. It is said to be more

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formed for that purpose have just thrown open for the

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goitre. Exophthalmic goitre, as is well known, is fre-

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Dr Duncan, on the testimony of the surgeons who attended the men on

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master of the dog (which saw instant death) was treated

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Y painful, and patches of whitish-grey membrane, which is

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not being spoiled. With the reduction of) but the choroid; and my opinion has been

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purpura of ccecmm and larrje boivel. A few spots in small

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important substances according to their frequency and their quantitative

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that " in few medical colleges in the United States,

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statement that pregnant women — under the influence

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which especially interest us just now and they may be briefly described as

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and viscid. This condition being attained, a suppressive medication may

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even then partially. In some parts of the world, for instance, in

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through the vena cava to the heart and pulmonary system, causing in-

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in the latter position — a point of importance in the ar-ray diagnosis,

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entrance into them. Excess of even wholesome food, the ingestion of

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nized relation between com and skittishness in horses.

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an inveterate nature, and which are evidently associated with complica-

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Dr. W. W. Rodman, of New Haven, from the Conn. Horn. Med.

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and remove the clot, if not very deep seated. The best time

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Northern, 2 p.m. ; St. Thomas's, IJ p.m. ; Ophthalmic Hospital, South-

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Effect of cotton-seed meal on pregnant sows. — Dinwiddie a fed a

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temic symptoms. This quiescent state may continue several weeks,

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where it saves 95 per cent, of desperate cases, if the operation is properly

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in proportion to the temperature, enlarged spleen, and rash are present

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quently met with in women and children than in adult males. In a case

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care of them, and put into the gelatin with sterilized forceps. Three or

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N. W. Emerson, M.D., and E. O. Wright, M.D., were ap-

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