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West Indies, and the French in Algeria, forcibly illus-

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which receive a ready response in my heart and judgment. Some

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perhaps be called a levator perinei, for in his operation, the patient being

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advantage to be derived from such measiures is well illustrated by instances

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Dr Duncan, on the testimony of the surgeons who attended the men on

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had been getting worse. There was ascites, which appeared to

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the knife was not directed to the stafi^ until the fore-finger of the left hand,

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has reported 8 cases treated with salvarsan with good results.

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female, and may thus come to comi)arative maturity.

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spaces and consequent absorption of bile. The pigment for the most

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inactive non-narcotic ingredients of the type used in

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exert our right of free speech to oppose the social-

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The movements of the fingers and toes are on the paralyzed side. Some

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AMA Alliance materials, i.e., “I Can Choose,” “I Can Be

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wart which remains unchanged, while the verruca caduca falls off

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been made that eclampsia of this origin has been replaced by ordinary

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we recognize as crystals of uric acid. We can thus see any crystal

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trices seen on the ovaries are the results of this process. After

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may bring about obliteration of the tubes, thus inter-

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Capiat cochl. ij. ampla bis terve in die, phiala concussa.

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urethroscopy, cystoscopy and such associated diagnostic aids as

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rectly from nasal hypertrophies and the circulatory dis-

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sjsteni, inferable from the character of the communities furnish-

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thick, but assuming a satin whiteness. — (See Lec-

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nodulated and crooked, especially those of the right hand, hard to the feel, wirli

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and culminated in the following Maich. Ho believed tlie number of deaths in

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down to the sphincter, was a far more serious matter, because it

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Tongue clean at tip and edges, but with a white fur in the centre. Appetite bad ;

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interferes very much with the action of the heart and of the lungs. The

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Canada. Province of Ontario. In the matter of an inquiry

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soft and pale in the middle. " Those who eat them in this state suffer

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children are subject. They make a good poultice for bruises,

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Medica! Council, that the Society of Apothecaries, as one of the Examin-

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During 19 months, January, 1862 to July, 1863, the number of deaths from all causes, recorded

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side ; on examination a tender induration can be felt at

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vital action, independently of the action of the heart. This condition

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occurring under revaccination, but there are some others that are more

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in accordance with the caucus vote that there should

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action, or could be the basis of explanation of the specific differences

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Fig. 2.— Cocks (Case II), aged two hundred and fifty-one days; two hundred and

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