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frequencies. The thermal effect is minimized by the blue

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of life ; that is, they are only fatal by degree. Not so with cancer,

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gave the patient temporary relief, but also added a portion to

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portunity of examining the circumstances on which it is found-

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contaminated districts. The point of division between them

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ment of disease is omitted. It chiefly consists of tables for

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gone no change whatever in its symptoms, as we shall now

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on passing the finger along it upwards, it was found to terminate in a cut de sac

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tions in one city, some of them covering a space of one

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ages of fifteen and thirty and the rapid natural decrease at

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ing — using antiseptic lotions for the vestibule and vagina

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fer, that the nutritive and digestible qualities of food, depend on

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Sosp. Reports, 1890. Intestinal toxaemia: 37. Bosc. Rev. de med. Aug. 10, 1894.

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Washington and Lincoln, say they, became great men by being

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luded to. While fresh milk is to be preferred where

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records the results of post-mortem examinations. While some of

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beautiful typography ; it is not often that the publisher's art is

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was no sign of recurrence and the patient sensory changes this lesion was prone to

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but if there are exceptions, they do not subvert the rule. If this be true.

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This medicine, being a pure nervine tonic, may be re-

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Eye Salves are rare, and the failure is generally due to

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systemic blood in respect to its proteids is as striking as is its fixed sugar-

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foreign ports, for the purpose of furnishing informa-

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passes into a state of excitement. It is noteworthy that the majority of

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liariiig ( C. A.) Ueber die Beziehung des Fibrinfer-

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Santa Barbara, and probably in Fresno and Bakersfield. It might

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spiration was renewed at 6.30 p.m .; the temperature

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herself have cured. Lastly, as to those physicians, who like

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takes one from the city past the new capitol, out Como

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properly placed flaps, profuse hemorrhage beneath the flaps,

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sions increase in violence and may continue to do so till

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is universally agreed that for general purposes that

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