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examination of water to detect the pr&sence of sewage, the
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thalmoscope in the upright image, and the correcting glass used to view
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b The lily in MS. V., fol. 48 a, is good ; flowers blue ; they
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Consequently, the affection is most often encountered in the aged
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majority of cases, as the alkaloid does not contain all the
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"the worst of the whole lot . . . mixing up medicine
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March "«'. — The blister acted well, and the part is now heal-
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Baader, from Switzerland, used the instruments offhand without any
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model, in good condition. Contact Dept. 30 in care of
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may be considered the only medical form of the dis-
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positively that of a rotating force. The joint was wholly de-
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following, too late for notice in our ISTovember number : — " Will
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to cause the coarse vibrations giving rise to a trill;
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glia and passive changes in the parenchyma, i.e. in the
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walk, and is well lighted from an area extending the whole length of the build-
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They accurp^tely represent, however, the relative prevalence in the
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A young practitioner is apt to err by thinking too much of the
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ing those of Quincke, and partly to sat'sfy myself as to how
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terminating in perfect reparation, and the 3 of complex
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and there are more masses of germinal matter or nuclei iu
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If the paralysis is not complete, the protrusion of the abdomen in
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against endocarditis, and that does not always protect, as about 80 per
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for the best reports of this professor's clinical lectures; and the Van
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hallucinations, stare constantly at one spot, snap at imaginary
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varying activity of the parasites in different climates, and in part to
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been sent to be disinfected. So supine, indeed, does public
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baked by the sun's rays or by artificial heat, frozen by
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referred to the epigastrium, with great tenderness, during an attack, over
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pneumonia. The lower lobe is edematous. The peritoneal cavity contains a small
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BARTHOLOW'S Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. A
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more formidable consequences of his disease ; and the disease

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