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ment in 1887. The monstrosity presented was bom in Decem-

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of an inch in length, three-eighths of an inch on each

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Drs. Judson Daland and W. D. Robinson, Philadelphia, Pa. ■ "The

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the way of local disturbance to account for it all.

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fall until the eyes were almost closed. Both eyes could be

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difficult and can as a rule be only accomplished through curet-

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52 'Multiple Neuritis and Hematorporpbydrinurla Following the

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grant us a hearing, ancT accept a substitute for Section 18. A

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The test meal of Oermaln-Ses Is at times preferable, since It

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10. Standardization of Crude Drugs and Galenical Prepara-

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the frauds which are daily perpetrated. Some adulter-

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physician's office. He was for thirty; A-ea^s ^a a|»aeoD of the

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should be so in the other. The defense certainly would

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cecum is capacious at first, then narrow to form spiral

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1870; sections 2302, 2303, General Statutes of 1899), is deemed

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even many years subsequently, and recently a case has

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of the patient in the foreground of the treatment, not the con

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dence of a right kidiney could anywhere be felt. Of

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peritoneal cavity being distended with a sero-purulent

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work entitled "Disciples of .^sculapius," by the late Sir B. W.

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sepsis with attention to the stimulation of the heart. Alcohol

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diminution in the size of the swelling by the third day. During

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be tested and compared with the same motions in the

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ance before we decide where the trouble is, for then the

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president; Drs. Jephtha D. Davis, Frank L. Ratterman and

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over the chest and stomach, and he thought he was about to

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girl of 9 years. On examining the heart a loud and rough

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Hospital occurred May 1. The ceremonies began by an address

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heated to a high temperature in water without destruction of

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orifice proper; this results in false measurements of the

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18. Relation of Intestinal Intoxications to Hepatic Cirrhoses.

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