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part, or in several parts of the system, but not in all parts at

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School of Medicine of Tours. — Dr. Delageniere has

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the county of Wayne, in the State of New-York, with a pop-

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was demonstrable by examination, and yet absorption of septic

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drowned, and twenty-one lost all they had. 6t. Nazaire-sur-loire, France.

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followed by multiple synovitis, whicli is itself in most cases genuine rheu-

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It is not my intention at this time to suggest any modifi-

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supple. The sternum and all the cellular bones seemed solid, but could bend, and were easily

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usefulness and helpfulness is by no means limited to that.

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during complete relaxation. However, it was decided to

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44 new cases, and 18 deaths; on the 15th, 601 cases,

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In 1850 the population of El Salvador was estimated at four hundred

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that there was a positive necessity for the discontinuance of all

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do not prevent the development of germs, and that the presence of a certain

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Sicily, and it was here that Tomaselli first put forward the view that

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Fia. 64. Thrusting the needle into the vein, while making traction on the skin to fix the

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to separate the two diseases, although it must be confessed by a very thin

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is true that none of the forces are ever lost, but always find their equiv-

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when changed frequently enough — kept his clothing dry.

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some limited portion of it, as Broca would have us believe ? It would

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part of its course, and its structure being submucous towards its

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the above strength or diluted. Or, the lotion of emul-

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might seem, there was always the danger that the dis-

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remanants of meat, salt, pepper, spice, herbs and celery into a

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no case has occurred which will enable us to solve the question.

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vary much, however, in their severity in different cases, and are frequently

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had existed a certain number of days, long enough for suppuration to

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Lesions, These consist in the presence of the larvae in the

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suggest than the benefit he claimed from exercise, I

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of $1000 per annum was voted to the treasurer of the insti-

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amongst the offspring. Now in Table IV we have considered the grand-

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lungs, destroy the integrity of the blood-corpuscles, and con-

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in the inflammatory exudations and products of these parts,

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for they who live by the " sweat of their brow," whether mentally

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wrist had failed altogether. His breathing was short, shallow, and gasping,

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