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regard to the causation of emphysema. It is to be feared that the
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epileptic are the most impulsive. As their mental reflexes are exaggerated
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over it, and worn as long as it will stick. The irrita-
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'-i. The Treatment of Tuberculosis. Lawrence F. Flick.
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Having consented, at the request of her priest, to exam-
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benefit in diseases of the throat and chest. Indeed, Prof. L. B.
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pectations of recovery. But, it is to be added, a gloomy
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Surgeon-General Sternberg for his kindness in furnishing a room in
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tuberculous lesions begin to break down that tubercle bacilli are most
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gist of experience ought to be available at appropri-
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The detailed information which follows is authentic, being
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â– tobeMaociNtedrwUi Muka rheanatiBSk Hip favor ii, atigkt Ui4 tiv
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neys of normal size, with hypersemic glomeruli and very brown, fine
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main part of the twelfth vertebra was forced forward into
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ing pulse is as frequently encountered as the totally irregular
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lapsed ; the water rushed in, and the works were com-
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The facial mnervation of mimicry is probably from the tract c d
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The management of the third stage may be divided into (a)
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discharge. It was found that the duration of sickness benefit
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In one extensive case of nevus flammeus or port wine
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it has been slow of introduction. Its chief clangers are peritonitis,
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at that time were of so grave a character that local
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