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hardly likely that it would result in an entire absence of
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held at the private request of a single Surgeon, with the
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was no history of vicarious menstruation. She was married at
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of the balanced ration ; how to care for the mess equipment ; how to
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slowly while the strains of B. pullorum ferment it promptly.
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did not appear in the blood until the 11th day of the disease.
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may be expected during some period of the illness, but its occurrence
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tremors. These troubles commence suddenly, and are often preceded by an
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according to which there is " an excess in women of nutritive
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of the total injuries in the present war, as shown by recent
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During the fore.ioon of the 16th the temperature was about
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A. Barry, Jerome C. Smith, J. R. Van Kleeck, R. New-
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ing from stoves throwing off small and unrecognized quantities
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ity with which septic matter enters the general circulation
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Colbeck, miner, Milnthorp, was charged with neglecting within
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by habit for a large variety of complicated uervons
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ess. Weight loss is significant— gradual— yet there is a rela-
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present, owing to the serious damage to the liver-tissue caused
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no tuberculosis resulted. After the bacilli are removed, there is slight
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terations of structure. The medullary portion acquires a slight
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in ordinary forms of cerebrospinal syphiUs than tabes (p. 1129). The Wi
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tion chirnrgicale," Gaz. med. de Paris, 1841. — 8. Guillavme. Art. "Begaiement,"
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States). The entertainments, which were thoroughly enjoy-
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the course of the metabolic processes which they carry on, have to
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tions of the prepuce at birth is difficult to make, inasmuch as
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tuberculosis and pneumonia do not seem to be specially in-
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no considerable advance had been made toward this end,
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* Synonyms. — Contagious or epidemic fever, spotted fever, febris petechialis, typhus
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the mental condition of the insane. Very often it is impossible
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substances are f(3und in a sample of milk the chances are that water
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Positive reactions in the control individuals appeared in from
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