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portunity of observing the morbid appearances poi^t mortem is rarely
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its prevalence a vast number of persons of all ages are simultaneously
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the body of a patient after recovery from an attack of scarlatina.
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be based on the ph^'sical signs, taken in connection with the sj-mptoms.
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of the liver or heart, or of both organs. It is to be taken as evidence of
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local damage is proportionate to the amount, the prospect of recovery is
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the finger with quickness, and appears instantly to recede ; the stroke is
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the exuded liquor sanguinis leaves a certain amount of serous liquid,
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ber subjected to confinement and the number of deaths, besides
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Each fluid ounce of this Syrup represents the equivalent of 6.72 grains of absolute Hydroidic Acid. Particula
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great extent, within our control ; and, by removing the latter, the diseases
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placed a set of artificial teeth which lodged in h^ ossophagus.
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sion of him. Repeatedly he nfould exclaim : " Oh ! that dreadful,
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away in strips with the forceps. Non-inflammatory softening of these
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distension. The explanation, in fact, is the same as of sudden death in
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requisite. A self-registering thermometer is to be preferred. The bulb
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pulp. This variety is highly important as leading to certain grave acci-
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There was a feature in all these cases which impressed me
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be chiefly derived from the adipose tissue within the body ; hence, the

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