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a girl who took a drachm of it by mistake, and was poisoned, but who on
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Ths foregoing remarks have had reference chiefly to paralysis of mo-
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CLAPP, JR. at 184 VVa«ihington Street, comer of Franklin Street, to whom all communications must
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stomach is distended, and digestion interfered with. Water
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and a fatal gastroenteritis, the lesions found at autopsy being reddening and
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The " tallow-dip " candle was a primitive domestic manu-
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his toes get cold and blue and walking is very difficult. Although
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pregnancy, the highest degree of probability would then exist that
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Growth on Anterior Third of Right Vocal Cord in a Man, aged 44. By James
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New Facts About Fat (Editorial), Edwin L. Bierman (Oct) 455
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hence one great objection to its use in earlier life does not
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much in the same way that a finger might be crushed by shutting a
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She was chloroformed (a dose of Ergot was given at this time), the
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was there evidence of hereditary predisposition to tuberculous disease.
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far the greater number of fractures of the carpal bones were occasioned by
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is present, and any abnormal condition of the bowels,
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part of an infection or intoxication or was the result of in-
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experience, for what people have had the opportunities possessed
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other parts of North America, in 1847 and 1848; but Dr. Murchi-
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iments leaving this city have been attended only by a surgeon and a
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has been no bowel movement at all in this time. Previous to the
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hours or two or three days ; the common form very rarely terminates
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to the belly. On Monday morning, at 6 a.m., I was called to
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arthritis. All the joints were more or less affected, with

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