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V. — Do not (as a rule) give any quinine or other

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The intention on Dr. Toner's part, that the collection

tegretol (carbamazepine) is a classified

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tion with the peculiar condition of the heart and the thyroid gland ? for the cases

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attributed to the closed system existing above the partitioning ligature.

tegretol rapid weight gain

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tinued about their ordinary affairs. Once only I have

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heart was wont to beal very quickly. The impulse also was distinctly seen by her

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preferable to any other caustic. Some even claim for it a

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The case is shown because of the unusual form of the injury, the

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The importance of an accurate diagnosis is seen Avhen the treatment of

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sarily contagious, as seen in fevers. The pimples of saphati

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in all essential points with Baginsky's views, said he would refrain from

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sewers — kistead, a portion of dilute carbolic acid fluid, about half-a-pint, was

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our case, viz., to prolong the incision backward, if necessary; next, to

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Stromeyer. There are also cases of paralysis of the surrounding

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the fluid extract of ergot for this purpose. Hydrastinine

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years with more or less fluid in his chest, and his

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sary to withdraw it. Both broken surfaces were some

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without any plan. Its architecture embraces all styles and

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Determining Virginity? John Milton Duff, Pittsburgh.

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the benefit of a formal proof, which equated work to the

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Tinctura Valeriance (L,, E., D.), h a drachm to ^ an

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cieties will not consider as a possible reform the institution

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sota. Dr Urban is the past president of the Milwaukee County Medical

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under the following circumstances :— The insured had been for some time prior

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the aorta was bent at this point in a maimer resembling the tortuosity

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facts, like ozier twigs to his assistance. These ob-

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generous hospitality to his friends, for benevolence to the poor, the

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fluent English : " No, sir. Professor Velpeau is absent

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