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have in the present case a lymphocytosis arising from pro-
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read so as to amuse himself, and wrote down with his left
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Exciting Cause. — Diplococcus intracellularis meningitidis; meningo-
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// Adults. 7. S. A., aged seventy-eight years ; first seen July 23,
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been repeatedly noticed that the transfer of the patient
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At the beginning as at the end of sexual life marked changes take
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view of antagonizing the septic element in scarlet fever. The cases
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til a much greater number is produced than can be used by the cell
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part in 9 of water (specific gravity should be 1.088 to
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ecinormal silver solution be added, a permanent precipitate of silver iodid will
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of enjoyment, then, turns decidedly in favour of the water drinker, leav-
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delivery. As the body was born the cause of stillbirth was
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apparatus which occasioned the destruction of the cells. It is pro-
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A question, the importance of which can not be overestimated, and
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may employ a mixture of equal parts of tincture of iodin and impure
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the Lower Bones. — Dr. Charles E. Stone, of Rock-
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' torkal medical society: such conference to meet in Washington
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tffused posteriorly, and especially on the' left side, in the groove between the
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acid. Finally, tuberculous pyelitis demands treatment addressed directly
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not much involved; it contains no effused matter. The central canal is
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and essential feature, and it was therefore treated with
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ternal secretions, two advances in medicine either one
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a wedge. They are less dangerous than the Najas, as their fangs are
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by a large incision, the cyst was exposed, a trocar introduced, and a
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tion, upon its own merits, it is one which will repay careful

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