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Tlie urine is either completely suppressed, or a few highly albuminous

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Symptoms. — Where the abscess makes its way into the cranial cavity,

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in pyonephrosis. In women a pyonephrotic tumor has been confounded

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the most part, of three zones, a central zone, indicating degeneration,

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the aged and paralyzed. Included in the list of mechanical means are ene-

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and soon a febrile movement is established, which recurs with regular

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any cause, the fever is very apt to take on an adynamic type. When it

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present in large numbers, yet infection did not take place. This can

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is intense pain in the epigastric and right hypochondriac regions, which is

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^ Cornil and Eanvier deny the existence of Virchow's parenchymatous myocarditis, p. 296.

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flammation with lymph exudation. The connective-tissue formed at the

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fuse cellulitis, the disease spreads through the planes of connectiv e tis-

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iodide of potassium, and all so-called ''cardiac sedatives" have been dis-

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colic. An examination of the urine may reveal echinococci booklets. In

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insufficiency or perforation of a valve, with cyanosis, dyspnoea, and dis-

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pathology of inflammations of other like membranes. The extent

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retics are indicated. In all forms, opium, chloroform, h^'drate of chloral,

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thorax. I have never met with a pulmonary cavity of sufficient size and

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in crops — and resembles slightly the rose-rash of typhoid fever. It is the

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that it ran its course more rapidly, was attended by few pustules, perhaps

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ful. Unless suppuration appears they are not attended by bubo.

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catarrhal laryngitis. The ashy-gray hue, irregular vascularity, and gray

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of the early stage of acute yellow atrophy

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adductors before reduction can be made. As little injury to the soft

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Urinary Sugar. — When the urine contains much sugar it is of a pale,

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These symptoms are accompanied by the physical signs of slight consolida-

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It is distinguished from pyoneplirosis by the non-purulent character of

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vents decomposition, and removes a disagreeable feature of the disease. Loss

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intense nervous excitement may last two or three da\s, during which the

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than one protoplasmic fibre may occupy the old sheath. The fibre now

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The means employed for abstracting heat are baths, packs, spongings,

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mass. It is a benign tumor, may appear at any age and if removed will

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If situated near the surface of the lung the pleura may be lacerated. Gen-

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tended into the finer bronchial tubes, and there is always danger of lobular

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disappearance of the gland cells by its pressure. The whole gland may

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to elapse between successive aspirations. At each aspiration something in

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carditis is an indication for an increase in stimulants. Under all such cir-

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nutritive, and in those cases in which convalescence is tedious a steady and

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nate for a phthisical patient to become addicted to the daily use of stimu-

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It must be given in full doses and continued until the desired effect is in-

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