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coagulum forms, which plugs the canal of the vessel as high as
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— 31. Drummond. Lancet, 1894, ii. p. 190. — 32. Ebstein. Virchou-'s Archiv, Bd.
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never failed to save the child since I adopted that
paralysis in cases of cerebral hemorrhage, embolism, etc., are attributable to
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no relation between parent and child, no provision for the
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thrill on palpation or percussion over this and I am at a loss to
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with a left inguinal hernia of moderate size, coming
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but not quite, sufficient to allow the little bullet to fall
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0.5 gm.). As an internal remedy we often order salol, tannigen, etc.
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little assistance to the therapeutist in his efforts to cure the dis-
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abdominal cavity, it is upon a serous surface ; if upon the buttock,
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also extended into the optic radiations. In many the lesions have been
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(G-. P.) Observations and experiments on Saproleguia in-
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tissue, being the result of one or more attacks of pleuro-pneumonia
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was substituted for the growing plant, and a perfectly horizontal record
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remarks and conclusions on the very considerable tutal of G62
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pill, and often suffer much from nervous irritability, ulcerations of the mouth,
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not a single infant did well under its use. The amount
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to twenty-five or thirty ounces, without inducing faint-
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away a long thick bristle, which lay archwise across.
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Dr. L. Bergeon (" Lyon med.," No. 13, 1889) proposes to ventilate
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may be stimulated mechanically by way of appropriate
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the meal. Group interaction as well as decision making, planning ability,
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every second or third day, carefully avoiding pain and laceration,
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pharyngeal catarrh, the tonsils hypertrophied and pre-

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