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repaired and the vitality of the blood re- which the administration of iodine in some
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Eliza J , aged twenty-two, was ad-jof the back, and along the region of the
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bacilli from the nasopharyngeal secretion, volunteers 1. 2 and 3 were
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the chest into shape, will be most effective, [s.m.h.]
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think we ever had a district councilor in our society until Dr.
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The apparatus consists of this tube, which leads through the
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inU perhaps be a little more careful when he has next to
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makes its accession usually at a much earlier period after inflic-
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any medicine ; these almost invariably get well within a fortnight, while in those
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that time minimal amounts of satinwood acted immediately. Wechsel-
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Does cancer originate in the blood ? If it does so, is there any period,
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tient, the absence of generalized tuberculosis, and the
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by the board of regents and the clique in power in the
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slight fever and general discomfort, derangement, loss of appetite,
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10. The suture of the dura mater should be reduced to a
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by his physician and pus was found. On examination,
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edema, bulging, or fluctuation, leave no doubt as to
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which stimulates muscular action and assists the process of circula-
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which they assign two probable causes; i. e., cough and cir-
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Strangulation of Meckel's Diverticulum. — Dr. |. W.
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amount of fat. After dividing the transversalis fascia and the
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which requires from six to eight weeks, the serum of the
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contemporary Heraclides of Pontus, by Posidonius the Stoic,
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to pass these conditions over in silence. And indeed, although we are

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