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A series of tubes containing the glucose-sheep-serum agar was inoculated

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stages before the other side becomes affected, or it may pass to

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on's Claw, Coral Teeth, Fever Root, Chicken's Toes,

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appears, followed by an evening exacerbation, generally indicating

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will be found that the openings to the fourth and third ven-

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and upon this he places the movable bodies, forming an

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the scutum and the episternum. The anterior border of the wing is straight

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medical world during the past year. The only mention of promi-

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selected mixture for dyspepsia will result most satisfactorily.

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of the economical superintendence which followed the mutiny produced

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gation and report back to the Council on the advis-

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Its external use is to replace iodoform in all its applications.

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wished for bursting of the abscess, nor render the tumour more

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detail the proceedings that were adoj^ted to prevent the extension of the

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head injury can be carried for life. Neurologists and

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again the condition manifests itself later in childhood than head-nodding,

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has patients assigned him, is obliged to form his own diagnosis,

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^^K OS elsewhere, and among these the mechanical or inflammatory' tluxiry of

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L3.) It is true a municipal ordinance professed to be passed under a general

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to the hospital, Feb. 1, 1916, examination showed a poorly nourished colored

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The new Allegheny General Hospital is rapidly nearing

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slow decomposition in the tissue, I will relate the deductions

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sionally rupture of the gall-bladder ensues and gives rise to infectious

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