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and Sir James Wylie had not met with it once among up-
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twenty-eight years old, of firm and healthy frame, with no constitutional
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meanings. Biologists have long used them to mark the dis-
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I. 1859, p. 281. 27. HKKUINGHAM. " Haematoma of Dura Mater," Path. Trans.
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brings the hand over the pubes, in the way represented
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winds which prevailed at the time, drove back into the
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tions are met with ; and not only may the most grotesque grimaces be
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respond to those in front. Sputum abundant and muco-purulent j cough frequent,
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tonsillotome is readjusted and the blade made to cut through, when
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angles to the other, just as in my former method; but the in-
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results obtained from the surgical treatment of the peritonaeum,
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subject of his food, of which he is himself better qualified to judge than
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the abdomen there was a general feel of fulness. The bow-
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another, for animals kept in the closest proximity to diseased
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continuous slight headache, was feeble, and sallow of countenance ; and
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3 or 4 times a day. Precautions: Those for aminophylline.
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the hilus, extended inwards over the vessels. From the sheaths
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show some necrosis. The spleen weighs 110 gm. and presents nothing of impor-
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substance, soapy to the touch, crystallizing in fine needles and rhom-
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ring ; eight were partial, the placenta overlapping the
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pelvic glands ; for pelvic lymphadenitis, lymphangitis,
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gunpowder, the compound will explode if it be dry, or will burn
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oleic acid : sometimes substituted for cod liver oil
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particolored hair over the scalp, or minute dimples
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Such, gentlemen, is tiie jilan of treatment wliicli I
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only four in fifty-nine recurrent attacks, a death rate of 6.8 per cent.,

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