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teiDperature of a quart of water cooled from 104 F. to

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complicated with extensive adhesion, and depended on inflammatory process in

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rying it further forward ; the objection to these two

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natives called Bmming of the Feet. For this purpose

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In each pleural cavity there are a few cubic centimetres of clear

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local meningitis to be due to the irritation of the products of degeneration

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The patient made a rapid and uneventful recovery, with very little con-

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pear as spherical, firm, grayish foci, about 1 cm. in diameter and centrally necrotic.

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in capsules in doses of 0.1 gm. The daily dose for adults is 0.5 to

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*KoHLRAUSCH .\ND HoLBORN, Das LeitvestuQgen unci Elektrolyte, 1898.

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their channels, without leaving any trace of its passage.

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on their side, are eagerly pressing this question, they are

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What are called homoeopathy and allopathy are only, and have

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stream or bowel infection. The more thorough examination of abdom-

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its. spectrum. The first of these metals. Thallium, is of the nature of

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as are usually employed in adynamia and the ataxic state. In the latter cir-

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I regard tincture of the chloride of iron and all other

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another case of abscess of the ovary : " Operation ex-

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Darwin {Zoonom., iii., i., ii., 2 ; and again, iv.,

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ing pulse is as frequently encountered as the totally irregular

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assumed with justice, that when so many therapeutic

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much in the same way as it did in the first instance, which

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persons, having contracted the disease in one locality, go to another in

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Gkokhk r. JACK.SON, M.D., New York, Secy, and Trcas.

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more severe in some States than in others, even though

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partial and cold sweats ; diarrhoea ; black dry tongue in the

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