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dition improves. A small hypodermic of morphine now
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and weak persons, or in children or old persons, do we see a fatal ter-
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in the Board of Health, gave him the best opportunity of ascertaining
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gently and by all the aids known to modern sanitary
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sis and then removing the tumor, whatever kind it nmy
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sense of dryness and the difficulty of swallowing saliva were relieved : his strength
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closed — the first operation, December 10, 1866, the final
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recoveries which have taken place were not those of true inflammation.
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incompetent politicians will not be one of the least im-
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the stalwart young men in our midst who are treading upon our heels?
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from the operation itself, and only two from distant
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schools only. It seems to me it would not do to establish that
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conclude, and experience, in fact, })roves, that it is not sufficient
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stomach. As soon as glue is swallowed, an agreeable sensation
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A Practical Treatise on the Physical Exploration of the Chest and
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and physical methods of research are applied, and these are in-
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be inoculated w\i\ m&ttex \aiksu fcorcv >&v*. otkv <s£ a \>erson
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Thanks to the brilliant work of Koch, the isolation of organisms
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foot felt numb. The following morning it was discovered that
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removed, bed lifted off, child and bed cleansed, dressing renewed, bed
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lution was several times stronger than that first and last
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and the relaxation of the muscles of the abdominal walls make the
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The Eevolution changed altogether the style of the doctors in
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Lakes are also obtained from Brazil-wood and madder, by
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ing. The urine as observed by tbe attendant was described as
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non-pyogenic organisms had been lying there perhaps all those years, and had
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patient's forearm, evidently wounding the radial artery. A gush
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the angle will often make the difference between suc-
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effect. In washing out it will be important to keep the eyes closed,
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be syphilis after all, not, however, because of any par-
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