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The serum was diluted with four volumes of distilled water and an equal

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When doing this, and for some little time after he has com-

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much: but without the aid of any physician, I thank my heavenly Fa-

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presenting part of the tumour with a bistoury guarded with lint

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shouldjj^be freshly prepared every ten days.) Examine the solution,

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small cavities. There was no miliary tubercle on the pleural

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it is feebler than it is over the sternum. The friction sound is rendered much harsher by

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speak of the clinical phenomena as symptoms is really to reduce the disorder

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son, and McGregor have established it as quite distinct, both in its

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temporar}^ cessation of chyluria, probably due to a temporary

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A very small portion extending from the nipple to the clavical margin

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twm, or liver-Jlukes, which are common in the biliary passagea of nBi*

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that such evidence was inadmissible. Xow, when an imbecile

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guidance, was derived from Allen s Encyclopedia, for the reason

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eye. Then there has been attached to the lower portion

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1936. Konzelmann, Frank Williamson, Shore Memorial Hosp., Somer's Point, N. J.

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sumption' and 18,665 to violence. The deaths of 2121 men'

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congenital atrophy of the round ligaments. Where the

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I presume — that such impediments are the result of an excessive de-

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tinal juices also act in the same manner, still, we are

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probably the latter. From the large amount of fluid which was present in the

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region continuous. Examination showed a sensitive n^ass

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temperature suddenly rose to 103'6° F. ; a sharp pain was ex-

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to believe herself pregnant. She was admitted into the London Hospital with

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the individual peculiarities to which they give rise will be multiplied,

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the screw above, the sockets in which the blade is lodged are

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tion. The cellular variety is best seen on free surfaces, where

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isolation recommended for this disease is ^^^^ ^^^ ^^f^, ^^ ^jj^^,^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^

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expression are obliterated. Again, In the latter disease the physiognomy

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