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half of treatment, there was only a slight vesicular
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hemoglutinins and for hemolysis. The improvement had
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three principal studies in Britain'^ leading to this conclusion, and one' in this
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prehended in the Wild Ass.' All this, together with
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current. The material, generally fibrin, usually comes from the heart, and is
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hysteric lethargy, enables the experienced observer to differentiate it at a glance
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peated application of the nervous influence:" and that the
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— Dr. George Kidd, of Dublin, has become 'parts of the flour, and leaves the bran (spite
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chances of recovery. Besides, a disinfectant may destroy a special ill odor, but
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scene was the excitement produced among the other animals
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sabcnfameous cellular tissue and of effusions in the serous cavities fur-
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goiged with blood ; in some cases, death is clcarlv referable to effusions upon the braim
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Twenty-seventh Annual Session, held in Dallas, Texas, i\.\n-\
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quantity should be administered hypodermically than by the
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form is that in which the paralysis is confined to the lower limbs. The usual
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It is, however, a question whether lead paralysis is really due to an affec-
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s&y that in no instance has it ever failed to inform me correctly of the agency
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ing this state of the system, as in Great Britain, where gout prevails
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cases and be prepared to use the form of anesthesia indicated as well
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till the clamp can be removed and the surface remain
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is shed. It is particulate, but although more than one form of micrococcus
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of compounding and dispensing medicines, and to the
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General Butterfield has a nation.al reputation as an after-
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veloped a substance in the blood which antagonizes the
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representation given of them by Sir E. Home. When the mucous membrane
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and reclaimed the oil from the feces, and found it to contain some
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would have lived. She lived, as it was, 31 days. The patient
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general impression, the amount of acute disease, especially of
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the plane of the diaphragm coincided, that is, when the diaphragm was
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The quality of the micro-organisms, and especially the
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dition lasts throughout the hay season ; once established, it is
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in tb« nianagenieut of epidemic diseases, with results.
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Phrenology has always claimed a peculiar connection between the cere-
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rated parts, and to divide the conjunctiva at its angles
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as other unnamed poisonous leucomains, may contrib-
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