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A child is more likely to suffer from dietetic diarrhoea than
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man elements, as nature is much the same everywhere.
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mixture : ^theris Chlorici iij^x, Bismuthi Trisnitratis gr. x, ex
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in 1836 into Italy ; in 1843 into Russia ; and later on into Algiers,
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The patient is" to be warmed by blankets, heated bricks, hot flatirons,
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says, " We have administered this medicine in chorea, with com-
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Trueman Davis, Jeffersonville, secretary and treasurer. Dele-
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time. Mental excitement, slight physical exercise, attacks of coughing,
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In some cases the patient may be able to speak, but he skips words and
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weeks old, affected with hooping-cough, an eighth of a grain
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composition of the blood, epizootic influences, purpura, anthrax ;
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pustular exanthema, a parenchymatous keratitis, a mild nervous
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pearance, the therapy must obviously differ in accordance
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from fatty embolism of the coronary artery, aged 58
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cells, whilst these show a slight tendency only to de-
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lobular than in lobar pneumonitis. In a typical case of lobular or broncho-
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mids, their epithelium retains the same character, but the long
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examination of the state of the brain which professional men
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has scarcely been lessened by the observations and experiences
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chophony. On the left side there was slight dullness at the
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Das Cliinui als Antiphloglsticuvi. Inaugui'ul-Dissertation der
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MonseWs Salt. Persulphate of Iron. — Obtained by adding nitric
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my practice. The lad, some sixteen yeais old, received
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adult malefactor, a venereal clinic; with a God bless the women,
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better course was finally adopted of api)lying the faradic
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ciated with the manifestations of disease. By classifying and
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signs. In scarlatina sine eruptione there is occasionally found a well-
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place; an inference which can only be determined by a careful consideration
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by the Ziehl-Neelsen method described on p. 116. The
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of the Missouri. S. O. 215, par. i, A. G. O., September
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There was at the most an interval of five seconds between the
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dead unless it be called into excitement or life by an exciting power
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and exactly opposite ones were obtained when the animals were bled
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