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the old medical science of his day, so full of Galenic dogmatism

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blood supply off. You see^ this U the first real pain she has suffered,

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Formaldehyde is the most convenient and at the same time

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variously altered in hue, being clay-colored, or green, or sanguinolent,

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For many years, when anaesthesia proper to the stage of labor lessens

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contractions are more uniform and effective ; its two ventricles are equally

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1858 c. — Ueber die Drehkrankheit der Schafe. [Abstract of 1858 a] <Repert.

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Dixon, Morganfleld, secretary; Dr. J. A. Humphrey, Henderson,

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been compelled to diminisli it. When well tolerated, the stronger it is the

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first treatment, and gradually began taking nourishment by

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layer of the retina about twenty-three millimetres. The refraction had

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Suit against the city has been brought by a woman to re-

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some of them also cause the formation of ammonium carbonate in

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to it have existed, by the depressing passions; and it has been

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nosis, or as having complicated surgical work on the kidney. I have

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tients very recently, and had found the uterus j5rmly

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been so far impossible to add to the work laid upon the groaning un-

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wish to call attention to the clinical phenomena which

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moments, he could distinctly feel in the air-passages the smarting

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nearly all the meetings to the British Medical Jour-

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the belief in the invariable regeneration of severed

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symjjtoiiis, the traditional convulsion, said so often to replace in

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ation of school superintendents and school supervisors possess

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cal and facts have just heen referred to,

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due to anemia, venous stasis, motor and secretory insuf-

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resulting from the formation of toxins in the intestinal canal

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to all concerned that extraction through the mouth had been faithfully

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by Pintner & Toops {Journ. of Delinquency, vol. ii., 1917). In

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pose of, within a limited time, all animals that react to the tuberculin test, isolat-

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callousness, but in previously healthy urethras the

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eral facial paralysis. This, too, is to be attributed to the fact that

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fibrositis of the shoulder-joints, scapular muscles, knees and ankles. She was

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