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lands adjacent to rivers, lakes, or the sea may be tilled by pumping silt

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the public suffer great loss by the substitution of cassia, which

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Was the hanging the result of accident, homicide or suicide ?-Most medical

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permanent structural changes which weaken the will, the control of the

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brain, consisting in a torpor or sleep, localized or generalized, of

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many of which are deleterious and injurious, are prepared

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whisp ered v_£ice, or exau'geraled \(h-a\ rexmancc, and, in rare eases, pecto-

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skin; redness and swelling of the gums and lips; spare, meager, or even

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ing "worms." On examination these proved to consist of

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stertorous respiration, retension of urine, involuntary stools,

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uses also a metal plate with a long and narrow hole in

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a Physician Advisor. Beginning January 1, 1990, all new

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advises staphyloraphy " not under seven years,'' Any one in-

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its mineral springs of saline waters, which are allied to those of

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188,'J-4, iii, 27.— Jolly (F.) Ueber Infantile Entbindungs-

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sometimes several months, and show remarkable remissions and exacerba-

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greater when we are obliged to witness its rapid and often almost entire

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"Plain Talks" and Goodell's "Gynecology," which are subject to 20 per cent, discount)

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Should breathing be established by the protrusion of the child's head from

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Not only did rabies not develop, but the epileptic seizures

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reader already possesses a fair te.xt-book acquaintance

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accumulated once to the number of ten, and till tii^y

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tioned unfavorable symptoms are combined, I increase the dose of the Tartar Emetic, to a

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It is so important, however, to have clear ideas on this great

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'eighties, and to it may be traced the teaching of that period.

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fever, which was chiefly interesting on account of the

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fifteen minutes the fluid was forced out of the top of the manometer

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