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into the superior cerebral veins and the longitudinal sinus, or from
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borer following the cleaning of the skin. One of these denuded
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deposited as fibrin on the wall of the cavity. The xanthochromia
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This immune serum is iirst heated to 55° or 56° C. for one hour in
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meal, as the patient is more likely to take it regularly then,
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The use of alcoholic stimulants was quite discarded in the stage of collapse ;
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shows no special tendency to a three years' period. The amplitude in
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In cases of feeble children, the Sub-Sulphate (Yellow Sulphate) of Mer-
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particular form of optic neuritis. (4) That it occurs more frequently in chronic
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[c) By the fiendish privy-vault which prevails so generally, save
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universally admitted to be most desirable institution,
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which stimulates muscular action and assists the process of circula-
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true love of science and truth must) that so long as Homoeopathy is under
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regard to the source of the virus. Moreover, the fear that is
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to regard laryngitis, excepting the cases in which the epiglottis and top
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frequent — certainly, in every case of this char-
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upon some railroad dump, at work, since the Irishman
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deaths from typhoid fever in Chicago was 1,790 in a total
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stenosis was the most serious lesion of the heart. Pa-
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strengthen the hocks, and prevent curb and spavin. Such cases,
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McCoy's applicator, which enables one to apply the chromic
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be preceded by thoroughly emptying the bowel of all sources of
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the x-rays then show delay in evacuation (Chart 5), and the
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for him to rush from the flying field to the mess hall for a heavy
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geons have met with suppuration and gangrene of the sac and other
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Strangulation of Meckel's Diverticulum. — Dr. |. W.
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Class 2. Depressing the inferior cornua ; Physostigma, Gelsemiimi.
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Expresses himself as feeling quite well. On standing for twenty-four hours, the
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for our profession of medicine ? I knew of him as a politician, as a
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already infiltrated with young i am si cells. ". The latter, after the addition of acetic
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lesion four months later. (C) Areas of recurrence nine months after topical 5-FU. The recurrent areas had been excised

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