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have been left unchanged for some time. These changes, due
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On the 6th day were experienced : — ^Feeling of sinking in the
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It could be to your advantage to find out how well the Army
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the rewards held out are almost none, steadily increased in
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can produce satisfactory evidence that his name has been placed
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inU perhaps be a little more careful when he has next to
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remanants of meat, salt, pepper, spice, herbs and celery into a
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of degree rather than of kind. It penetrated the blood
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a nerve of considerable size. Diseases which give rise to local para-
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of course, be introduced as an " explanation, " but the difficulty is met at once
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sore throat; so slight, that the little patients go about playing as if
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The Rush Post-Graduate School of Medicine is devoted to investigation and
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especially when the object of the operation is to remove a
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ters and covered the poultice with spirits of turpentine. This was done on the
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remain below the normal. It has been found as low as 93*2° by Dick-
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become encapsuled ; but these, while still of large size, become encrusted
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tically unreliable, but are most iiK^legant [)harmaceiitically,
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strange and superstitious notions as to the state of
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locomotion resulting from fracture of the neck of the femur. A
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state of the skin, by keeping the bowels acting freely without purgation,
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For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,
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ing (ladling) of the pancreas certain matters must be
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A girl named O'Brien, five years of age, I '"dicates the return of health ; in diphtheria
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of the stomach- tube will prove valuable in the diagnosis
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existence of phthisis in Egypt, M. Schnepp's obser-
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are almost inclined to doubt it; but, if it is true, it may
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Dr. McDonnell reported that all directives of the Pension
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lesion was regarded as a keratosis rather than as an acne.

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