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experiments with food soiled, directly and indirectly, with the urine
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tion by the use of Hot Alccholic BcYCi'ages, Liquor Ammonii Acetatis,
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peculiarity presented by these vessels, however, consists in their
vytorin 10/20 costo
exacting, frequently look away for a second, as this relieves and rests
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November 5th. — Patient sleeps most of the time and
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The results of the capital operations in Surgery, whether fa-
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on ^Medium K, they just grow and grow and grow until they become visible.
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easily tempted to pull on the extremity, hoping thus to hasten
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simple explanation of thi« would no doubt be due first
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every other people has flattered itself as having it within its possessions.
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“crudeness” of the instrument, but also to the fact that
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cal-practice acts not for their personal aggrandize-
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them do not seem to be interested in 100 per cent membership in
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riesnita. [Restoration of tbeciliar,v border in trachomatous
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other article, in reference to the therapeutic value of
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gests itself. Withreferencetothat, weraust I . , .. . . ,
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Health for Glasgow ; and Dr. M'Vail. For the defendants
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compare the achievements of to-day with the teachings of the
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cooler, the tension of the pulse altered remarkably, and he began
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be hoped for if the leukocytosis is very small (10,000 to 15,000),
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a disputed point, Noyes claiming, in trachoma with con-
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tlie origin, course, and distribution of the cranial, spinal, and
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Myotonic Status: All the muscles were hypotonic; no contractures were
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servations, illustrated by the map, in the very interesting and
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Treatment. — As interstitial nephritis is an incurable disorder when

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