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as other works of that time; what little it contained of

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recovered or improved ; 32 per cent remained at the

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occur; whilst those that are slow in actiou, in which

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is a common cause among city infants but rare in the

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account of the Scotch system by referring to the slight

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Sectarianism in Medicine. — The question of the expediency of open

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adhesions, perihepatitis, perigastritis, or peri-appendicitis, the pains may

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but, although sometimes successful, it cannot be regarded as a very trust-

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patient kept taking opium to keep the pain subdued.

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loose and easily removed. The other was still fastened by

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prove of inestimable value if it had no other effect than

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Nitric Acid. Azotic Acid. A<jua Fortis. Nitrogen Pentoxide.

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had for some years been suffering from paralysis of the brain ;

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cans or bottles may cause infection of the milk, or the drinking water

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duced by way of the urethra. In regard to suturing the blad-

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Wright's modification of Romanowski's stain, the examination of speci-

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erative change. Of these 72 cases, iu 47 the degeneration was liniiteii

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them under two great headings: (1) The primary malforma-

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allow me to present a reprint from the New York Medical Record of some years

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active part in the process of recovery rather than to ap-

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Department of Science and Art, South Kensington Museum.

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spectrum of potentially unhealthy and life-threaten-

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on the statements of })crsons "who have met with such accidents, so far as

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The body was that of a male infant, 19 inches in length,

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17th of November, having previously expresssed a wish that

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position, resting more on one foreleg than the other,

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